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Thank you for an amazing PoultryFest 2017!

Interested in being a part of our 2018 Entertainment line-up? Contact Henry Swierenga at entertainment@poultryfest.ca

Critical Planning Meeting - for 2018

Attention - Anyone interested in being on our PoultryFest 2018 Planning Committee: We have a key meeting in 2 weeks - on Wednesday, October 18th! We need you to attend!

Location: West Niagara Agricultural Centre (7402 Mud St. W, Grassie, ON)


2017 was PoultryFest's second year at the West Niagara Agricultural Centre!

We are proud to have this great location as our home!

There is lots of on-site parking, gravel & grass and three large indoor buildings to make our day possible.

Come out Sat. June 23, 2018 (4th Saturday of June) for PoultryFest 2018 @7402 Mud St. W, Grassie ON (corner of Grimsby Road 12 and Mud St.)! We're right in the middle of Smithville & Grimsby.

Click here to learn more about the West Niagara Agricultural Centre

Interested in joining the organizing committee? Call Jim Koornneef at 905-979-6696 or email info@poultryfest.ca

FREE Shuttle from Smithville AND Grimsby

Catch a FREE bus from 8:30am - 11:00pm (every half hour) from the Smithville Arena or Grimsby's St. Andrew Anglican Church - sponsored by Student Transportation Canada Read This News »

Site Map - PoultryFest

Check out our map for PoultryFest! FREE, ALL-DAY, West Niagara Agricultural Centre, 7402 Mud St. W, Grimsby Rd 12, Grassie, ON Read This News »
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